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QIVOS helps great brands all around the world and we pride ourselves on break through work that delivers results. The following case studies showcase the depth, breadth, and range of our capabilities. We make loyalty work!

Folli Follie Group

FF Group Exclusive Loyalty Program

Folli Follie Group is a leader in the fashion world having its own brands as well as maintaining a leading presence in the retail and wholesale market. The vision of the group is to become a global leader in the field of luxury products.
In 2015, in cooperation with the QIVOS (former C



ΙΚΕΑ Family in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria

“We realized the time had come to enhance our communication with our target audience; we needed an effective loyalty program to improve our bottom line results. Understanding the complexity of this project, we started looking for a specialist to outsource the entire case. We needed someone who would design, i



Score for more

“With the latest changes in the Greek media landscape, we realized we could not afford the traditional media mix of the past decade. We needed a measurable method of communication, showing our prospective and loyal customers our presence and mission in satisfying their needs.

Since 2003, we have been b


Factory Outlet

Check In and Win

“Factory Outlet is the largest outlet department store in Greece, offering a unique shopping experience for customers who looking for designers’ brands in low prices throughout the year. It is a member of Folli Follie Group, a leading company in the world of fashion who always has on top the consumer an


Galerie de beaute

81.000 members in just 3 months

“The main objective of Galerie de Beaute is to offer a unique personalized customer service and to cover customers’ every single need by making each of them feel special.  Following the above goals and taking into account the difficult times the country faces, the company decided that the customers who



Points of happiness

«In an uncertain market, we felt that an inclusive and technologically advanced customer loyalty program will help to protect the company from imponderable factors, and will be an essential tool for our salespeople in the shops so they can serve more fully our customers.

Accessorize is


Marks & Spencer

Custom-made solutions for M&S’s needs

“Understanding customers’ needs is one of the main challenges companies are currently facing.
Today, through the QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) loyalty platform, we can organize our database, manage our customers and communicate with them through targeted marketing activities. Via SMS and email, we have th



Queen of hearts

“Having a loyalty scheme was not something new for our company. The first loyalty club was created in 2007, named Vertice Bonus Card, with various implementations before launching Queen of Hearts in July 2014.
We relied on QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ)’s expertise to implement a more flexible and more r



Happy Card

“Our company, with a presence of 23 years in the Albanian market and with activity in Kosovo, FYROM and Montenegro markets set as a primary goal to acquire useful customers’ insights and truly understand their purchasing habits as well as their needs; encouraging customer engagement and rewarding them f


Notos Galleries

Get to know your customers better

“The economic crisis of 2013 in Greece had us facing a genuine challenge. With the deduction of the disposable income of our customers and the uncertainty created in the market, we had to come up with an effective way to improve our loyalty program. We had to essentially make our loyalty program more attracti



Successful, profitable and long-term customer relationships

“We have been working with QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) since 2005. We were on a quest to find an effective, measurable method to help us improve our customer service. Back then, we were using ERP as endpoint data collection solutions, but at the end of the day it could not cover and satisfy our demand for the im