Unified Customer Profile

Unified Customer Profile

Add intelligence to your CRM

Manage the most important asset of your company. The customer.

Single customer view

Easily manage all your customer’s data from multi-channel interactions from a single platform. QIVOS CLOUD is a secure place for all your customer data, demographics, transactions, current vs. past points, vouchers received, history of complaints, promos and more.

Real-time control

Through data science and artificial intelligence, our innovative solution helps you build unified customer profiles and effortlessly manage your customers. Define key shopping patterns, get a deeper understanding on the entire customer journey and make smarter decisions for your business with QIVOS CLOUD.

Empower sales

QIVOS CLOUD helps you automate customer management. By getting a clearer view of your customers’ behavior and preferences, you gain valuable time to focus more on strategy and sales.

We put customer relationships first. You?

Start today with QIVOS CLOUD.