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Get the maximum results

We want you to get the most out of QIVOS CLOUD, therefore we provide you with a set of professional services that will help you leverage all the tools of the platform.

What QIVOS can do for you

Seamless implementation

Our technology solution is cloud which means no installation is required at your premises. Our technical team will undertake the integration and implementation of your Loyalty Management platform. Rely on our experts to design, manage and deliver an effective technical solution, based on your specific needs.

Learn and expand

QIVOS CLOUD is a user-friendly platform designed with YOU in mind. Our experts will give you hands-on help, guide you through its unique functionalities and make sure that you are skilled to use the product and achieve customer loyalty success. Your onboarding journey starts with customized in-person training sessions based on your specific preferences

QIVOS support team

Have a question? Do you need technical or maintenance assistance with QIVOS CLOUD platform? Our expert team is ready to help you and address all your issues whenever you need it. Contact our support team via email, phone or complete the form here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let's grow together.

Let's grow together.