Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

We have practiced brand loyalty for years for some of the world’s most beloved brands. Our mission is to help our clients deliver compelling customer experience, achieving always great, measurable results.

Apparel & Accessories

Our innovative technology solutions have helped many apparel & accessories brands drive customer loyalty and business growth.


Through our solutions and services, leading automotive companies have managed to transform the customer journey and make smarter business decisions.

Consumer Electronics

QIVOS’s experience will help you improve customer communications and enhance customer experience in this fast-moving market.


In this competitive market, our technology solutions along with our innovative customer engagement strategies, have helped some of the leading brands in the cosmetics industry.


We help brands improve the customer journey and create customers for life.


We help some of the world’s largest brands improve their business processes and deliver great customer experiences.

Home Accessories

QIVOS has a vast portfolio of leading brands in the Home Accessories market, helping them build brand loyalty and customer experience excellence.


In this competitive market, building memorable brand experience is a demanding process. We help brands achieve and exceed customer expectations through innovative technology solutions and services.


QIVOS supports F&B companies across the world and help them improve customer relationships and stand out from the competition.

Department Stores

In this demanding market, QIVOS has worked with some leading brands in the world, helping them not only build customer loyalty but also create competitive advantages.

Travel & Transportation

Through our innovative technology solutions and expertise in customer engagement strategies, we help brands thrive in this competitive sector.

Financial Services

Top banking and insurance companies have trusted QIVOS to connect with its customers and build brand loyalty.

Oil & Gas

Creating customer loyalty in this industry is a demanding task. Rely on us to identify new opportunities and create customers for life.


We help organizations maximize customer retention and build long-term relationships with their demanding customers.

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