Factory Outlet

Factory Outlet

March 29, 2018

Factory Outlet

Company’s profile

Factory Outlet, the largest Greek Outlet store, provides a unique customer experience, offering more than 200 designer brands at low prices all over the year.

The company has two strategically placed branches at Piraeus Street and at Airport Commerce Park and an online store, www.factoryoutlet.gr.


The main goal of Factory Outlet is the holistic customer service via many different channels as well as the smooth integration of the contact points with the customer in order to obtain a single view of customer behavior at any given point.

The challenge

As Factory Outlet owns several brands of which some belong to the same group, the main challenge was to create a loyalty program that successfully addresses to different audiences with many different POS and points of contact with the consumer.

What we offered

    • Loyalty program strategy for “Check In & Win”
    • Loyalty program implementation
    • Hosting and management
    • Data quality
    • Omnichannel operations
    • Campaign management services


Loyalty award QIVOS and Factory Outlet

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