Become A Partner

Become A Partner

We create loyal partners

Interested in teaming up with QIVOS? We are always looking for new opportunities and we believe that our partners are part of our amazing team.

Why partner with us

Partner's Profile

Are you a Provider of Data analytics services, CRM/ERP and POS solutions? Are you
a Marketing or a Digital agency? Are you a Consulting firm?

We want to create a mutually beneficial partnership with you.
Find the program that’s right for your business.

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Partnership Levels

There are 2 levels of partnerships. The most suitable for your company depends on the degree that you prefer to involve in, as well as the skills of your employees.

Do you think that your company could match to one of these 2 levels?

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QIVOS Services Reseller Implementer
Explore new business opportunities
in different industries (i.e. retail, consumer goods, energy).
Reseller   Implementer  
Participate in events
and joined marketing activities.
Reseller   Implementer  
Generate and evaluate leads.
Reseller   Implementer  
Having a sales or a business develop-
ment department (The team will be
trained on Qivos methods & processes).
Reseller   Implementer  
Expand a network of decision
makers within the targeted industries.
Reseller   Implementer  
In charge of similar complexity products
and related services.
Reseller   Implementer  
Relevant partnering experience in
selling third party solutions.
Reseller   Implementer  
Having marketing oriented
employees properly trained by
Qivos to be involved in campaign
management solution.
Reseller   Implementer  
Having an organised IT department
capable to implement and customize
our Qivos Cloud platform (Optional).
Reseller   Implementer