Our tailor-made multilingual QIVOS CLOUD platform is the right technology solution to cover every aspect of customer loyalty management. QIVOS CLOUD guarantees, from member registration and reward/redemption to customer engagement processes, error-free data handling, seamless operation, adaptability to complex demands and customizable actionable reporting tools for instant market feedback.

QIVOS CLOUD is a B2C Customer Loyalty Management platform that allows marketers to:

  • Identify shoppers at every possible touchpoint either in the brick & mortar or the digital world.
  • Utilize data science and artificial intelligence in a way that builds a unified customer profile along with shopping patterns.
  • Execute targeted, personalized multi-channel campaigns which lead to great conversion rates maximizing customer lifecycle value.
  • Use dynamic dashboards to leverage intelligence and make decisions that will affect loyalty program’s ROI and the overall progress.

Our scalable, flexible and secure platform can completely cover from A to Z all functionalities and procedures that are necessary for a seamless multi-partner, multi – layer loyalty scheme operation, and maintenance. QIVOS CLOUD is process driven following the four basic processes of a loyalty scheme:

Loyalty program processes

Business intelligence component is also embedded as part of the platform. Analytics tools are integrated to our platform via our proprietary integration framework software. Moreover, QIVOS CLOUD is designed to integrate into your existing systems and can be fully migrated, so you can be assured of a seamless experience for you and your customers.


QIVOS CLOUD architecture


  • CRM/database: A secure place for all your CRM data such as customer profiles, transactions, current vs. past points, vouchers received, history of complaints, promos and more
  • Loyalty management: Successfully manage customer loyalty via redeem engine, rules engine, customer support (issue ticketing engine), microsite creation, gamification/socialification
  • Campaign management: Deliver targeted campaigns automatically
  • Customer insights: Get deep activity and insights on each customer and monitor their impact through custom analytics and reporting
  • Customer operations: Discover the data that add value to your business through data quality and validation
  • Integration framework: Our integration framework, which is embedded in QIVOS CLOUD platform, can bridge the QIVOS CLOUD platform with a plethora of different kind of systems from third parties (ERP’s,
    POS Software’s, Partner’s Loyalty Modules)


QIVOS CLOUD platform has been designed to meet all today’s cutting-edge requirements for user experience. Either the user is the end member or a business user, the platform provides state of the art functionalities.

  • CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: QIVOS CLOUD is provided as a cloud service, meaning that no installation is required on-premises;  By adopting a fully WEB environment QIVOS CLOUD platform is much easier to maintain.
  • ROLE BASED: This functionality gives each user the capability to access the platform based on the role he has on each process.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Each user can easily design his own environment based on personal needs and tasks. An easy to use environment allow the user to add or remove shortcuts and menu items from his desktop.

Discover more about QIVOS CLOUD’s unique features and benefits here.

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