IKEA Family loyalty program

“We realized the time had come to enhance our communication with our target audience; we needed an effective loyalty program to improve our bottom line results. Understanding the complexity of this project, we started looking for a specialist to outsource the entire case. We needed someone who would design, implement, manage, take care of the daily operation and counsel meticulously and efficiently.

Also, during the implementation of this project, other local associates were involved, and we had to make sure they were all managed equally from our local project team. And here is where QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) stepped in. Therefore, we proceeded with the implementation of the loyalty program IKEA Family in Greece, Bulgaria, and Cyprus.

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) designed, implemented and managed all the involved parties successfully while we enjoyed fully outsourced services for the design, implementation, and monitoring of our Customer Loyalty Scheme.”


IKEA’s profile

IKEA in Greece is represented by the FOURLIS Group of Companies. The FOURLIS Group has extensive experience in retail and introduced IKEA to Greece by founding the company HOUSE MARKET SA in 1999.


What IKEA needed

The client’s requirement was for an end-to-end solution for a customer loyalty program in order to build unique long-term relationships with his customers.

Thus, QIVOS had to cover all the necessary steps, from the definition of loyalty strategy and analysis of big data to technical implementation and campaign management execution. An indicative list of services included a business plan, ROI, software as a service platform (SaaS), overall project management and operational program management.

What IKEA needed was a personalized – but at the same time measurable – method for communicating with its customers in order to be able to not only satisfy their needs according to their preferences but also to measure their responses and sales results. As a result, customer experience and customer satisfaction create the top 2 goals in priorities list.


What we offered

We offered customer loyalty management based on our QIVOS CLOUD platform. Our tailor-made multilingual platform is the right technology solution to cover every aspect of customer loyalty management. QIVOS CLOUD integrated to current POS systems to assure a seamless customer experience.

QIVOS undertook the full management of this project, which included:

  • Owned the loyalty strategy; thus, defined the loyalty program and described with clarity and detail its specifications, requirements, and processes;
  • Implemented the technical solution with our QIVOS CLOUD platform that guaranteed  from member registration and reward/redemption to customer engagement processes, error-free data handling, seamless operation, adaptability to complex demands and customizable actionable reporting tools for instant market feedback;
  • Used a dedicated multilingual operations team to expand customer operations ensuring data quality, service performance and sending numerous SMS and email marketing campaigns;
  • Delivered a full campaigned management service leveraging insights to unlock customers’ behavior and engagement to the brand;
  • Turned loyalty experience to mobile micro-moments creating personalized communication with every single member.