Factory Outlet

“Factory Outlet is the largest outlet department store in Greece, offering a unique shopping experience for customers who looking for designers’ brands in low prices throughout the year. It is a member of Folli Follie Group, a leading company in the world of fashion who always has on top the consumer and how to offer him a seamless shopping experience.

In 2013, we celebrated 15 years of operation by introducing to our customers the exclusive membership card “Check In & Win”. For the evolution of the loyalty program, we worked with QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ), which has extensive experience in the loyalty programs industry and in March 2015 we launched the renewed Check In & Win. It is designed in order to offer a range of exclusive privileges to its members such as gift vouchers, special discounts and to keep them informed before anyone else about new products and offers.

We believe that our cooperation with QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) fully meets the needs of this complex project and provide substantial value to our customers and the company”.
Factory Outlet

Company’s profile

Factory Outlet, the largest Greek Outlet store, provides a unique customer experience, offering more than 200 designer brands at low prices all over the year.

With two strategically placed branches at Piraeus Street and at Airport Commerce Park Factory Outlet stores welcome hundreds of customers daily who search for fashion, convenience and lower prices on their purchases.
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Factory Outlet is member of FF Group, a leading company in the fashion industry operating in more than 30 countries. Factory Outlet shares the mission and the vision of FF Group as well as the same principles and values. The mission of FF Group is to make people feel good and adopt a more joyful way of life, enjoying products and services which give them luxury, passion, and creativity. FF Group treats the challenges with enthusiasm, intense team spirit and all the efforts are channeled in a positive influence on people’s lives.


The main goal of Factory Outlet is the holistic customer service via many different channels as well as the smooth integration of the contact points with the customer in order to obtain a single view of customer behavior at any given point.



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