Omnichannel Operations

Omnichannel Operations

Transform the customer relationship and maximize productivity

Our dedicated multilingual operations team can fully support your program regionally or globally. Highly trained operations experts deliver service performance for your customers and your internal teams, assuring customer satisfaction.

Create customer service excellence

Customer service excellence is now possible with our full customer level support. Whichever touchpoint or communication channel your customers choose, our highly trained operations team effectively handles and quickly resolves all tickets, either technical or not.

Build multichannel campaigns that convert

Our team successfully manages and executes multiple email, SMS and VIBER campaigns through QIVOS CLOUD. Armed with knowledge and proven experience, we help you deliver consistent omnichannel experiences to your customers through personalized campaigns across all channels.

Ensure data quality & validation

All data are safely managed by our operations team. Data quality and validation is a demanding process, fully managed by our expert team.

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