September 9, 2021


Company’s profile

Balfin Group is one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and the Balkans. All the companies included in Balfin Group represent a success story, being the leader of the relevant sector. Balfin has a wide portfolio and is also the creator of the first mall in Albania.


Creating the right environment for the customers and an exceptional consumer experience that will help shoppers keep coming back was the goal of Balfin’s loyalty program.

The challenge

“Happy” is an engaging loyalty program designed to overcome the challenge of the five different brands while providing, at the same time, a quick and easy registration process to its loyalty members and customer experience excellence.

QIVOS solution

With the main goal of rewarding customers, Qivos, on behalf of Balfin Group, managed to bring innovation by bringing together 5 leading companies under the same loyalty scheme.

    Qivos undertook the full management of this project and has run numerous campaigns (via Viber, newsletters, and SMS) on behalf of Balfin to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

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