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About Fintech

Financial technology (FINTECH) describes the evolving connection of financial services and technology, disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and more.

From new financial services that, until recently, one could only get from banks or financial advisors, to innovative payment products (wearables), FinTech is transforming the customer journey and the way shoppers interact with brands.

We, at QIVOS, following current payments trends and always aiming to deepen customer engagement and loyalty using new, personalized services and products, have recently entered the FinTech landscape.

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Consumer wearables adoption will grow 28% by 2022

Forecast : US installed base of consumer wearables. 2017 to 2022

Installed base of wearables (Millions of units)

Fintech Solutions

We have expanded our operation and, in cooperation with our strategic partners, we provide advanced FinTech solutions.

Following an A to Z approach, from design to production, personalization and distribution, QIVOS’s Financial Technology services and products guarantee a seamless and smooth customer experience.

Payment wearables

As the processes behind e-payments are becoming more and more simplified, to the level of going almost unnoticed, paying with wearables will become the next big thing.

Payment wearables offer speed, secure and convenient daily transactions to customers, providing new meaningful opportunities not only for customers but for businesses too.

Loyalty wearables

As wearable adoption is growing and the lines between e-payments and loyalty are blurring, loyalty wearables can make the difference and provide a seamless and unified customer experience.

Based on our expertise in customer experience strategies and tailor-made technology solutions we help brands build loyalty with their customers through innovative wearable devices.

The jewelry payments project

About the project

A solid combination of technology, functionality and premium design

Aiming to win, serve, and retain customers in their micro moments, QIVOS has created an innovative payment wearables project. The scope of the project is to develop and produce branded payment wearables that could be used in the same way contactless payment cards do. The jewelry collection includes women’s rings and bracelets and men’s bracelets.

How it works

Convenience of payment with just a gesture

The product range

Innovative, fashionable and secure payment-enabled jewelry and wearables

The payment jewelry project was the first branded payment jewelry collection, including women’s and men’s jewelry (ring or bracelet), specially designed for the cause.

Women’s Bracelets

Women’s Ring

Men’s Bracelet

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