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Solutions Consulting

Solutions Consulting

Set it right from the start

Whether offline or online, on a mobile or on a desktop, deliver engaging customer experiences that drive sales. Our experts will help you achieve exactly that.

QIVOS provides a variety of consulting services which include the design of your loyalty program strategy, the Digital and eCommerce strategy analysis and Omnichannel strategy analysis.

Design a winning loyalty program strategy

Our loyalty experts will help you set goals, describe with clarity and detail the specifications, requirements and define all the processes of your loyalty program. Based on your business needs, we research, analyze and present to you the best practices of your industry, helping you identify loyalty opportunities and evolve your approach to focus on the customer relationship, customer engagement, and advocacy. The loyalty strategy is completed with the documentation of the KPIs & the ROI estimation of the program.

Build a successful digital strategy

By not having clear goals, you can’t understand what works and what doesn’t, especially in the competitive e-commerce world. Become a digital winner and stand out from the competition by building digital strategies that work.

Based on your specific needs and objectives, we define and plan all the actions regarding your digital presence (website and e-shop analysis and other digital channels) to not only meet but also exceed your customers’ high expectations and maximize results.

Map your omnichannel journey

Bridge the gap between offline and online customer experiences by designing an omnichannel approach. Our expert consultants help you identify your needs, analyze actions and milestones, set clear goals and design a customer-centric strategy that effectively combine all channels.

From brick-and-mortar to mobile and web, we help you build consistent and unique customer experiences.

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