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FF Group

FF Group

March 29, 2018

FF Group



Company’s Profile

FF Group is a global leading force in the fashion world operating in more than 30 countries more than 980 points of sale worldwide and almost 5,000 employees around the world.


What FF Group wanted was to learn its customers and create a loyal database, addressing different customer personas and creating long-lasting relationships.

The challenges

  • To unify under the same loyalty program different brands with different customer profiles and average basket value,
  • To provide seamless shopping experience among 50 stores, using 3 different POS systems,
  • To group into common goals different marketing objectives of each brand,
  • To deliver personalized messages to every single member based on a holistic purchasing behavior

What we offered

QIVOS designed and developed FF Group’s loyalty program, “FF Group Exclusive”, a unique multi-brand loyalty program with exclusive benefits for purchases made for all the fashion brands of FF Group.

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