July 24, 2018

Loyalty transformation: Reinventing loyalty for clicks and mortar

In today’s unified commerce, how do brands keep their customers loyal?

Modern businesses are facing a new, unified commerce reality that is constantly transforming the retail model in many ways.

Online-only retailers are setting up a physical store and brick and mortar stores are integrating online sales into their model. This new omnichannel reality poses numerous challenges for retailers, while, at the same time, shoppers expect to be “wowed” from the moment they make the very first interaction with a brand to the moment they visit the physical store.

According to Forrester, by 2021, 40% of in-store sales are expected to be web-influenced during the customer’s purchase journey.

How can brands respond to this new retail model (clicks and mortar) and keep customers engaged as they move from one channel to another, from digital to physical and back again?

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The key challenges of the unified commerce
  • How the click and mortar model transforms customer loyalty
  • The role of technology in driving relevant customer experiences
  • How to reach the “multi-channel” customer effectively
  • Why data analytics are essential to business success

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