February 4, 2021

Customer Loyalty in Consumer Brands

Customer Loyalty programs may not seem relevant for the Consumer Brands or FMCGs due to the fact that these companies have no retail stores. But is this true ?

A loyalty program apart of other reasons, is always the best reason for consumers to share their data, or in other words a nice way for companies to collect valuable customer data.

Companies far and wide are taking advantage of the power of data to increase ROI and become overall smarter, savvier organizations. Historically, despite the wealth of data available in the FMCG sector, the industry has lagged behind other niches in effectively using big data to optimize marketing efforts, cut costs and create more efficient processes — but things are changing.

Download the White Paper to discover that knowledge is power, and big data analytics is making it possible for Consumer Goods companies to understand what really makes their customers tick.

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