Viva Fresh ‘Family Program’ by QIVOS

September 22, 2015

Viva Fresh ‘Family Program’ by QIVOS


Following the successful loyalty business plan  of Viva Fresh, QIVOS, in cooperation with ADPS (Inform’s affiliate company in Albania), launched its loyalty scheme, the FAMILY PROGRAM.

Viva Fresh is one of the greatest and most powerful retail chains in Kosovo with 21 stores, both hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Viva Fresh was looking for ways to retain its active clientele and attract new ones, targeting sales generation and enhanced brand awareness. As well, Viva Fresh needs to know its customers in order to find out their purchasing behavior and build a reliable relationship with them by fulfilling their needs.

QIVOS succeed in meeting Viva Fresh needs, by designing and implementing a loyalty scheme based on building customer relationship through segmentation and effective 1-to-1 marketing.The program is points – based and rewards the customer upon their purchases.

What do members get?

• Point’s collection on every purchase they make on Viva Fresh.
• Unique offerings that help them earn even more points for specific products or on specific dates.
• Extra points on several occasions (e.g. Points per visit at store, points for every 100th customer within the same day, points for updating personal information online).
• 3 euros coupon, for every 700 points they collect, that can redeem in any Viva Fresh store

What does Viva Fresh get?

• Customer profiling
• Customer segmentation
• Customer loyalty
• Effective targeted communication
• Increased brand awareness
• Customer Retention
• Customers Incentives to buy more

Members’ registration is easy and free at Viva Fresh stores or online through the web application, designed by QIVOS.

To conclude, ‘FAMILY PROGRAM’ is a loyalty program created to identify and reward loyal customers of Viva Fresh. Within the first days of operation, ‘FAMILY PROGRAM’ already counts 15.981 members.

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