Romanian survey results – Exclusive event in Bucharest

March 21, 2016

Romanian survey results – Exclusive event in Bucharest

Are the Romanian companies currently using a CRM system or a loyalty program? And in which way a loyalty program could help each company?

Earlier this year QIVOS in conjunction with PREDICTA administrated the survey “Penetration of Loyalty and CRM programs in the Romanian market”, in order to understand the companies’ behaviors on loyalty schemes and CRM systems and reveal trends in the targeted industries. Following the survey, QIVOS  and PREDICTA conducted an exclusive event in Bucharest, on 10th of March, to present the survey results.

Event’s attendees benefited from three presentations regarding Loyalty programs, CRM and analytics:
– “Effectiveness of CRM centric systems for marketing and sales purposes/ CRM mechanics” – byDr. Călin Vegheş, Professor of Direct Marketing in the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Marketing of the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania.
– CRM and Loyalty survey results/Customer loyalty trends for 2016” – by Andreas Galanis, MBA, Business Development Director, QIVOS
– “How Can Romanian Companies Benefit from a Modern Loyalty Solution” – by Philippos Paschentis, Commercial & Deputy Managing Director, PREDICTA Group

C – level managers from a variety of industries as retail, banking, FMCG, cosmetics etc replied to the survey to uncover that the need for loyalty programs and B2C CRM is highly increasing.

Survey’s key stats revealed that 72% of the companies, that don’t have a loyalty scheme believe that having one would increase their customer loyalty and retention. More than 70% of the companies evaluate their loyalty program as effective and merely a 6% believe that having a loyalty program would not help their company.

It is necessary to mention that almost 70% of respondents are in top-level management positions.

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