Renewed loyalty program IKEA FAMILY

May 31, 2016

Renewed loyalty program IKEA FAMILY

QIVOS following the successful loyalty program IKEA FAMILY, proceeded to its renewal with an improved subscription way which is based on immediacy and the convenience of the members! The renewed program was launched by IKEA Greece & Cyprus on April and by IKEA Bulgaria on May.

The renewed program is differentiated in the subscription process, having the following features:
New members’ card IKEA FAMILY
Direct distribution of the membership card at the store
Direct card activation so that the members can enjoy the program’s benefits from their first purchase

The IKEA FAMILY members can enjoy unique privileges and benefits, starting from the registration date! During the registration each member is rewarded with 200 points, while for every 1€ of purchase, every member is rewarded with 5 points which are redeemable for discounts on future IKEA purchases. On top, each member can enjoy special discounts and unique promotions as well as exclusive information via Newsletter, SMS, and via the online magazine “IKEA FAMILY magazine”. So every member can be informed first on new IKEA stuff, news and special offers.

Everyone can be a member of IKEA FAMILY program, and the registration is provided in various ways such as registration in the Kiosks of IKEA stores as well as in the pick-up points, online via IKEA website* and through the registration form of IKEA FAMILY e-shop. Thus, members can directly enjoy all the privileges of IKEA FAMILY loyalty program.

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ), for continuing the successful collaboration with IKEA and for the smooth transition from the previous loyalty program to the renewed one, has created educational material for the IKEA staff and took over the entirely training in the 3 countries.

The IKEA FAMILY loyalty program is based on the QIVOS CLOUD platform. The platform constitutes an end-to-end solution for CRM / Loyalty requirements, designed to cover every aspect of the operation in each CRM loyalty program. The platform guarantees a quality data management, seamless operation and adaptability to complex needs, by developing the relationship between the consumer and the brand. It already serves more than 25 brands and 3.5 million consumers in the Greek and international markets

*You can visit the IKEA FAMILY websites and be member of the loyalty program,,

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