QIVOS introduces payment-enabled jewelry @ MWC 2018

February 28, 2018

QIVOS introduces payment-enabled jewelry @ MWC 2018

This week QIVOS team visited Spain to attend the biggest Mobile event in the world, Mobile World Congress 2018, taking place on 26 February – 2 March in Barcelona. Our presence there not only enables us to showcase our new services and meet other key leaders and influencers of the market, but also marks the beginning of a new era for QIVOS.

Following current payments trends and always aiming to deepen customer engagement and loyalty, we have recently announced the development of our new Fintech department earlier this month and the development of a brand-new project during the Mobile World Congress.

No card, no problem: the new look of wearable technology

Aiming to win, serve, and retain customers in their micro moments, QIVOS, along with its strategic partners, Folli Follie, Links of London and the National Bank of Greece and in cooperation with VISA, has created an innovative payment wearables project. The scope of this project is to develop and produce branded payment wearables that could be used in the same way contactless payment cards do.

“For us at QIVOS, innovation means providing customers with a variety of choices and easy to use products and services. So, we came up with the idea to launch the first branded payment jewelry collection – an idea we are currently investing in and contributing to. Electronic payments are today the first choice of those looking for speed, safety and convenience. At the same time, processes behind e-payments are becoming more and more simplified, to the level of going almost unnoticed. And this is exactly the kind of user experience we want to offer our clients with this soon to be launched payment jewelry collection – a solid combination of technology, functionality and premium design. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing an innovative “immediate activation” process, so that anyone buying a payment jewel will be able to use it since the very moment of purchase.”

Vagelis Karalis, QIVOS founder and CEO

Convenience of payment with just a gesture

The jewelry collection includes women’s rings and bracelets and men’s bracelets, branded by Folli Follie and its British brand Links of London. Designed to allow consumers complete seamless and secure payments with a simple tap at any contactless-enabled terminal, the jewelry improve the customer experience, adding value to the customer journey.

Visa Europe head of Product & Solutions, Mike Lemberger said: “As the global payment landscape continues to evolve from plastic to digital, Visa continues to innovate and work with partners like the National Bank of Greece and jewellery brands Folli Follie and Links of London to develop a solution that will bring consumers a simple and secure purchasing experience. This exciting new project is an excellent example of how Visa’s technology can support the work of our financial institution partners and retailers as they seek to deliver the latest trends in payments to consumers.”

Find what the rest parties have to say about the project here

The project in action

The visitors of the Mobile World Congress have the chance to see the project in action as the prototypes of the new jewelry line unveiled during the event. The jewelry line will initially be available to consumers in Greece when it launches later this year.

Explore more about the project on our website here


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