QIVOS travels to FYROM for Vero

October 16, 2015

QIVOS travels to FYROM for Vero


QIVOS, continuing its expansion to Southeastern Europe, implemented the design and planning of the loyalty scheme of Vero, a large supermarket chain with 14 stores in FYROM.

Vero has an established presence in the market of FYROM since 1997 and offers a different way of shopping following the European principles in retail industry.

Vero needs to build a loyal long-term relationship with its customers aiming to retain its current clientele and attract new ones. Vero was actually looking for ways to identify its customers’ purchasing behavior in order to offer them real value in return for their preference. In addition, Vero wants to increase its market share by enhancing its brand awareness and differentiate its services from the competitors.

QIVOS, aiming to meet the above needs, designed a “points based” loyalty scheme that will:

• Reward customers for their preference
• Improve customer engagement
• Increase customers visits and basket value
• Identify customer segments and implement targeted marketing promotions

The loyalty business plan of Vero was designed according to the specific requirement of the market, the company and the customers, including the following steps:

• Definition of  objectives and procedures
• Utilization of international best practices in the supermarkets’ industry
• Specification of the scheme
• Five-year estimation and analysis of ROI

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