QIVOS enters the FinTech sector

February 20, 2018

QIVOS enters the FinTech sector


The company’s new department puts technology in the service of transactions

We, at QIVOS, following current payments trends and always aiming to deepen customer engagement and loyalty using new, personalized services and products, have recently entered the FinTech (Financial Technology) landscape.

The company’s new FinTech department will offer FinTech services, combining the latest technological developments with financial services, based on the latest international trends.

QIVOS will optimize advantages from potential opportunities and collaborations, with the main goal of further development and management of similar projects, the penetration of new market sectors, and the provision of more sophisticated services.

The rapid changes regarding the way transactions are implemented, such as the expansion of electronic payments, the reduction of cash usage, as well as the creation of new, online models, came as a result of the leading role that technology plays in everyday life. The FinTech sector is utilizing all the new technological advancements, putting technology in direct competition with traditional financial services.

Through its new department, QIVOS enters a new innovative field, aiming to maximize the opportunities that are emerging, as well as build new synergies. The integration of the new FinTech department into the company’s operation demonstrates QIVOS’ intention to develop and manage relevant projects, invest in new market sectors, and strengthen its existing collaborations.

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