Qivos’ presence at Customer Loyalty Management Conference 2019 and workshop!

November 25, 2019

Qivos’ presence at Customer Loyalty Management Conference 2019 and workshop!

Qivos completed a successful and insightful two-day event in the context of Customer Loyalty Management Conference 2019.

The first day, we host an interactive customer loyalty management workshop “Unlocking the next level of customer data – Increase Loyalty”, which took place at an amazing place named Project Chironas.  The participants, key players in different market sectors, had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the best practices of customer loyalty management. A hands-on workshop where we dive into the importance of personalized campaigns, why GDPR is an extra asset in loyalty programs and how to better manage the customer data to increase ROI.

The next day, Qivos, as a Gold Sponsor, at Customer Loyalty Management conference, had a dynamic and influential presence. We had the chance to discuss about customer loyalty and personalization through machine learning with other top marketing executives. Moreover, the participants of the event could visit our stand and experience an ultimate customer journey in VR environment.

Κaralis Vagelis, Qivos CEO, shared his expertise about GDPR and gave a closer look at digital onboarding, mentioning the challenges and opportunities of this era during his speech. In addition, Charbi Fani, Qivos Chief Operating Officer, spoke about Fraud in Customer Loyalty, inspecting topics that very fey speakers do, such as how to prevent and eliminate loyalty fraud.

The conference was followed by a short discussion regarding customer loyalty on Camera with Karalis Vagelis, Qivos CEO, giving the most important take-aways of customer experience.

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