QIVOS & PREDICTA event: Advanced Analytics in Retail

May 29, 2018

QIVOS & PREDICTA event: Advanced Analytics in Retail

QIVOS and PREDICTA event - Advanced Analytics

QIVOS and PREDICTA organized a ‘Round Table’ event held on Thursday 17 May at the beautiful venue of NEW HOTEL in Athens. The main objective of this event was to create a more detailed conversation on the role that Advanced Analytics play in the retail industry.

During the event, our CEO Vagelis Karalis and the Commercial & Deputy Managing Director of PREDICTA, Philippos Paschentis, presented key international trends and successful case studies that shed light on the essential role of Advanced Analytics in maximizing customer retention and engagement when executing targeted marketing campaigns.

Following the presentation, the attendees had the chance to further discuss the topic and share their viewpoints about the future of Analytics and the importance of Big Data in the business success.

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