Precautionary measures regarding coronavirus outbreak

March 12, 2020

Precautionary measures regarding coronavirus outbreak

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we have taken the necessary actions to ensure our business continuity and have been prepared to continue to support our customers remotely, if necessary. We are constantly monitoring the situation on a daily basis, complying with States’ regulations and adapting to new circumstances, with priority to protect the health of everyone. Helping employees, customers and partners in a time of need is one of Qivos’ core values.

Qivos, as technology agency, is always investing in the development of cloud-enabled applications, providing the ability to the users to work remotely, and ready to respond to the changing demands of nowadays.

Utilizing remote access and management, based on Qivos Cloud deployment, and partnering with leading providers – such as Amazon Web Services – ensure continuous, seamless and secure access to data and applications from anywhere, anytime, and with high safety standards.

In addition, over the last years, we give the opportunity to Qivos’ employees to work remotely. The familiarity and the know-how, with the existing technological infrastructure, guarantee our business continuity and smooth operation, as and when needed.

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