“Happy Program” for NEPTUN by QIVOS

January 25, 2016

“Happy Program” for NEPTUN by QIVOS

QIVOS, continues its active presence abroad, with NEPTUN!

Following the successful business plan for NEPTUN’s new customer loyalty program, QIVOS in cooperation with ADPS (Inform’s affiliate company in Albania) launched the “Happy Program”.

NEPTUN’s primary goal is to acquire useful customers’ insights and truly understand their purchasing habits as well as their needs; encouraging customer engagement and rewarding them for their continuous preference for the brand.

QIVOS designed the “Happy Program”, based on the NEPTUN’s goals as well as on its customer’s needs.  The program’s members receive 1 point for every 100 Leke they spend in NEPTUN stores. Additionally, the members are able to win extra points on specific products or purchases on specific dates. Thus, the member enjoys unique customer experience and gets even more engaged with the brand.

Every customer can become a “Happy” member either via a paper registration process in the store or by filling out the online registration form on program’s website.

The foundation for the “Happy Program” scheme’s implementation was the phase of building of a steady procedure for acquiring and processing large amount of customer data. QIVOS, by using high-quality tools of data analytics, transforms the collected data into valuable information for consumer’s profile. The data analysis allows NEPTUN to build a solid customer profile and to create database segments in order to understand customer needs and deliver appealing, effective and targeted offers.

With the introduction of “Happy Program” scheme, NEPTUN aims to increase its brand awareness and its customer loyalty.

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