New business unit

November 10, 2016

New business unit


Offering an integrated purchasing Omnichannel experience as the main target, as well as our continuous support of the major brands in the era of the digital transformation, we continuously invest in technology and services that offer a competitive advantage to our customers worldwide. In response to today’s need we introduce a digital business unit at QIVOS.

With such an addition, QIVOS ‘s customers will gain an integrated and unified customer loyalty management competitive advantage, achieving an Omnichannel strategy. From now on, QIVOS undertakes the complete design and holistic customer management, either in-store or e-store, providing at the same time effective CRM / Loyalty and e-commerce solutions that help create and continuously develop a base of loyal and satisfied customers.

The digital business unit provides holistic e-commerce solutions & valuable digital services, offering companies a 360 customer-centric solution within the e-commerce ecosystem.

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