my RoC, a unique loyalty program for everyone

June 23, 2015

my RoC, a unique loyalty program for everyone

my Roc loyalty program

Johnson & Johnson has launched a unique loyalty scheme for its brand, Roc, which aims to enhance customer loyalty, attract new customers, collect qualitative and quantitative customer data and create targeted communication channel.

The target audience of my RoC includes both customers and Johnson & Johnson’s partners (pharmacists and beauty advisors) at RoC points of sales (pharmacies & Hondos Center stores).

my RoC is an innovative “B2B2C” loyalty scheme:

• The members of the scheme can collect fixed points for every RoC product they purchases and enjoy unique privileges such as gift vouchers from 10 to 35 euros, special discounts and exclusive offers at partner pharmacies and beauty stores. Members’ registration can be easily carried out either via RoC’s website, SMS, or at partner pharmacies and beauty stores.
• The scheme offers pharmacists the opportunity to create their own profile and enhance a trusted and exclusive relationship with Johnson & Johnson and their own customers.
• my RoC, incentivizes beauty advisors with specific sales goals and rewards them upon achievement.
• It is based on an innovative and easy to use device agnostic and cloud-based platform. It can work on any device without specific standards or infrastructure requirements.

my RoC has already acquired 10.000 members in just 3 months since its launching, showing a great acceptance among RoC consumers.

QIVOS undertook the overall management and implementation of my RoC loyalty scheme. The main tasks included:

Design and Planning of the loyalty scheme:

•definition of objectives and procedures
•specification of the scheme
estimation and analysis of ROI for five years

Implementation of the loyalty scheme:

•technological preparation – creation of web / mobile platform
•creation of Marketing concept,
•preparation of welcome kits
•implementation of the appropriate procedures to collect qualitative data
•activation of all people involved in the scheme

Operation and Plan execution of the loyalty scheme:

•daily operation
•data analysis, customer segmentation and targeted promotions by customer segment
•use of multiple channels (SMS, Email)
•ensure data quality
•customer service (members and partners)

The loyalty scheme ‘my RoC’ and Johnson & Johnson won the silver award in the Βusiness IΤ Excellence Awards 2015 in the category Loyalty systems & applications.

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