Check In & Win, mobile loyalty!

February 22, 2016

Check In & Win, mobile loyalty!

Check In and Win mobile loyalty app

Factory outlet, following worldwide trends on omnichannel strategy, is evolving the scheme Check In & Win, and has deployed a compatible to all devices mobile loyalty app, offering to all members a new touch point. The shopping experience can find now a new ground and improve customer experience, using new channels of communication, creating unique long-term relationships between brand and consumer.

More specifically, the holder of the Check In & Win loyalty card, can easily and simply install the Check In & Win mobile loyalty application and be informed of loyalty program news and privileges.

Moreover, the members can navigate to a specially designed microsite to activate their card, find store locations through a web map and be informed real-time on current and upcoming promotion campaigns. Finally, the holder has access to the historical points and personal details.

Check In & Win follows a customer-centric approach and easy access to the privileges of the card is a key concern of the scheme.

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