Carrefour Albania: QIVOS new project

October 8, 2015

Carrefour Albania: QIVOS new project

QIVOS, in cooperation with ADPS (Inform’s affiliate company in Albania), is dynamically entering the Albanian market by designing the loyalty business plan of Carrefour.

Carrefour is the leading network of retail stores in Europe and the second largest group worldwide. In Albania, Carrefour is a member of Balfin Group and operates 2 hypermarkets and 13 supermarkets named “Carrefour market” in all big Albanian cities.

Carrefour aims to increase the number of visits in store by upturning the retention rate, motivating its customers to buy more and attracting customers from the competitors. As well, Carrefour wants to enhance its brand recognition and create a relationship of trust with its customers.

To meet the above goals, it is essential to get to know its customers, their buying behavior and their preferences in order to fulfill their needs.

Based on Carrefour needs and the singularities of Albanian market, QIVOS designed the loyalty business plan of a personalized and points based customer loyalty program that focus on:

1. Customer profiling
2. Customer Segmentation
3. Effective and targeted communication with customers
4. High perceived customer value

More specifically, QIVOS designed a loyalty business plan built on a particular methodology that consists of:

• Setting qualitative and quantitative goals of the loyalty scheme.
• Utilizing international best practices in the supermarkets industry.
• Defining and describing in detail the loyalty scheme processes.
• Providing a close estimation of the return on investment (ROI).

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