1st Voluntary Blood Donation at QIVOS

February 15, 2019

1st Voluntary Blood Donation at QIVOS

QIVOS first voluntary blood donation day


Giving life with voluntary social contribution activities.

At QIVOS, the notion of giving has a special meaning for us. This is why, on 14 of February, we supported people in practice by organizing our first voluntary blood donation in our premises, aiming to give life and hope to people in need.

On this special day, from 12 am until 3 pm, in cooperation with the National Blood Donation Center (E.KE.A) and the Blood Donation Service of the “Elpis” Hospital of Athens, we managed to concentrate an important amount of blood units from our blood donors.

The collected blood units for the Blood Bank of the company will be available to meet the blood needs of a lot of people, a number that includes all QIVOS employees and their family members.

We express our sincere gratitude to all volunteer blood donors of QIVOS, encouraging them to take part in our future blood donation days and become systematic blood donors to further support those in need.

A big thank you to the medical and nursing staff of “Elpis” hospital in Attica, who worked perfectly to carry out the demanding work of this day.

QVOS CSR blood donation day

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