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We have identified the problem that brands face each day:  How can we retain customers and increase our sales?

Yesmail & Gleanster Report pointed that 80% of brands don’t know their customer. The lack of deep data insights such as customer demographics, profiling, purchasing behavior is a usual phenomenon nowadays. Due to insufficient customer segmentation, marketing budgets are allocated on above the line non measurable actions while 1 to 1 personalized marketing communication is very poor and in reality unused. As a result, billions of Euros are lost leading to a negative return on marketing investment (ROI).

Our company offers a solution that helps brands to target the right customer and:

  • Increase sales, by increasing response rates. Brands expect more sales when targeting to loyal customers;
  • Increase customer loyalty, through advocacy. Loyal customers tend to advertise the brand more often than drop-in customers;
  • Make money, through guaranteed ROI. All marketing actions are real-time measured giving the flexibility to the manager to fine tune for better performance and maximum results;
  • Save money, through cost effective marketing budget allocation. Marketing budget is wisely placed in below the line targeted personalized actions;
  • Give incentives and boost awareness, through personalized offers. Brands target loyal customers on their specific needs in order to attract them to store.


Create your rewards program

Analyze insights and build customer loyalty profile

Design and execute personalized reward campaigns

Monitor success and maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Folli Follie Group

FF Group Exclusive Loyalty Program

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Folli Follie Group is a leader in the fashion world having its own brands as well as maintaining a leading presence in the retail and wholesale market. The vision of the group is to become a global leader in the field of luxury products.
In 2015, in cooperation with the QIVOS (former C