Customer insights

At QIVOS, we believe that customers’ value is hidden in their data. Understanding customers’ behavior across all channels enables decisions that transform businesses.

Our customer insights solution improves marketing intelligence and business growth. Combining our statisticians’ expertise with industry-leading predictive analytics solutions, we deliver critical insights to help you anticipate when, where and how your customers will engage with your brand. Loyal customers act differently than occasional customers. Being able to understand their buying habits, demographic profiles and micro-moments in their engagement with you, will help you keep them more engaged, devoted and maximize their lifetime value.

Customers’ segmentation is an explanatory data mining technique aiming at identifying clusters of distinct customer behaviors. After the customer clusters are identified, the attributes in each one of the clusters are studied in order to determine an average profile and conclude on the main drivers that differentiate the segments.

We implement the following analyses:


The company’s business objectives, that drive the implementation scope, are to target the following business needs:

  • Create a Customer segmentation with the most recent yearly data
  • Communicate the right message, to the right customer, via the right channel, at the right time to create a sense of personalized treatment in order to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and possibly purchase spending.
  • Understand why customers are leaving and decide on the marketing activities that could bring back lapsing customers.
  • Evaluate the impact of their direct marketing campaigns more frequently (i.e. quarterly) and be able to make adjustments in their planned marketing actions, to meet the changing customers’ preferences.
  • Decrease in marketing spending
  • Maintain the high rates in ROI.


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