Campaign management

QIVOS delivers a full campaign management service; leveraging insights to unlock customers’ behavior and engagement to your brand. We call this service, Micro-selling®.

Micro-selling is provided as an annual service whereas a dedicated loyalty marketing expert analyzes and adapts new trends in your loyalty program marketing plan. Focusing on customer insights, from a holistic view of the customer we make strategic considerations of delivered messages, time and channel.

Our campaign management services:

  • Customer engagement actions
  • Personalized promotions
  • Progress meetings
  • Campaign evaluation and ROI estimation,


campaign management calendar

Micro-selling competences:

  • Identify your customers –> generate leads –> manage loyalty marketing campaigns –> increase ROI,
  • Build unique long-term relationships using 1:1 marketing approach,
  • Decrease marketing budget by investing in targeted personalized campaigns,
  • Real-time campaign progress monitoring.


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