“Having a loyalty scheme was not something new for our company. The first loyalty club was created in 2007, named Vertice Bonus Card, with various implementations before launching Queen of Hearts in July 2014.
We relied on QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ)’s expertise to implement a more flexible and more rewarding Loyalty scheme for our loyal clients.
Key reasons for creating a loyalty scheme were the release of various loyalty schemes in the industry and the need to reward our loyal customers. Moreover, it was important for us to collect data regarding the purchasing habits of consumers and to achieve our marketing objectives.
Our partnership with QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) is reaching 1 year, proven to be a very strongly established relationship. QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) offers fast customer service with a deep understanding of customer needs. All QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) members respond immediately to our requests and they are always willing to provide the best solution. ”

Evi Pampouki, Online Marketing Executive of Vertice/


Vertice’s (now Parabita) Profile

Vertice, with 27 years presence in the Greek market, offers elegant clothes in large sizes that are well-known for their perfect fit and reveal the beauty of female curves. It is worth underlining that it is a Greek Production Company, with 90% of its raw materials being imported from the European Union.
Vertice has 6 stores in central shopping distinctions in Attica, designed in a modern and friendly environment. Moreover, Vertice has customers from the rest of Greece that are shopping through the online shop

Vertice has now be renamed to Parabita (


What Vertice (now Parabita) needed

Vertice needed to reward its customers for their preference, uncover the loyal from occasional customer, and generate regular and targeted communication with them according to their purchasing habits and characteristics. Having implemented various customer loyalty programs in the past, what Vertice really wanted was to develop a flexible scheme that would cover completely the needs and objectives of the company. What’s more, a significant requirement was the smooth transition to the new loyalty scheme aiming to avoid the dissatisfaction during the transmission.


What we offered

To meet the above needs, we used our loyalty strategy solution that defines the loyalty program and describes with clarity and detail its specifications, requirements, and processes. Finally, it checks and ensures its profitability for the organization.

With loyalty strategy, we followed 4 steps to help the brand to identify the loyalty opportunities and provide guidance and recommendations for an on-brand approach to incorporate loyalty marketing into their overall business model.

The implementation of the customer loyalty program ‘Queen of Hearts’, plan to reward Vertice’s customers, and offer an integrated and regular communication to the members on latest news and company’s promotion actions. In addition, the loyal program intends to classify and utilize the clientele according to their purchasing profile.

QIVOS implemented the above scheme based on the QIVOS CLOUD platform. Our tailor-made multilingual platform is the right technology solution to cover every aspect of customer loyalty management. QIVOS CLOUD integrated to current POS systems to assure a seamless customer experience. 6 POS interfaces were linked, a micro-site was created and procedures of a successful loyalty program were defined. The registration process is carried out not only in stores, but also in Queens of Heart micro-site and e-shop.

QIVOS undertook the full management of this project, which includes:

  • Owned the loyalty strategy; thus, defined the loyalty program and described with clarity and detail its specifications, requirements, and processes;
  • Implemented the technical solution with our QIVOS CLOUD platform that guaranteed  from member registration and reward/redemption to customer engagement processes, error-free data handling, seamless operation, adaptability to complex demands and customizable actionable reporting tools for instant market feedback;
  • Used a dedicated multilingual operations team to expand customer operations ensuring data quality, service performance and sending numerous SMS and email marketing campaigns;
  • Delivered a full campaigned management service leveraging insights to unlock customers’ behavior and engagement to the brand;
  • Turned loyalty experience to mobile micro-moments creating personalized communication with every single member.



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