Notos Galleries

“The economic crisis of 2013 in Greece had us facing a genuine challenge. With the deduction of the disposable income of our customers and the uncertainty created in the market, we had to come up with an effective way to improve our loyalty program. We had to essentially make our loyalty program more attractive to increase customer engagement. Our revamped loyalty program had to stand out based on our leading strategy and meet a more demanding public.

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ)’s assistance was necessary in order to achieve this goal.

Here is where QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) came in. All customers are not equal. They differ widely in their revenue potential and their experience with our brand and their loyalty. The segmentation strategy plays a very important role in optimizing the performance of the program.

In collaboration with QIVOS, we divided our customers into groups of individuals based on similar characteristic that they shared between each other. Once the segments were established, we evaluated the value and potential return of a particular level of investment in a specific group.

Using a scientific approach, with the valuable support of QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ), we managed to segment our target group based on their needs and habits, driving a far more financially attractive investment per capita”.

Notos Galleries


What Notos Galleries needed

  • Optimization of the existing loyalty program
  • Better understanding and use of customer database
  • More targeted marketing initiatives aimed at improving the effectiveness of marketing activities


What we offered

To meet the above needs, we used our loyalty strategy solution that defines the loyalty program and describes with clarity and detail its specifications, requirements, and processes. Finally, it checks and ensures its profitability for the organization.

Regarding the loyalty strategy, we followed 4 steps to help Notos Galleries identify the loyalty opportunities and provide guidance and recommendations for an on-brand approach to incorporate loyalty marketing into their overall business model.

More specifically QIVOS team implemented the above scheme based on the QIVOS CLOUD platform. Our tailor-made multilingual platform is the right technology solution to cover every aspect of customer loyalty management.