“Our company, with a presence of 23 years in the Albanian market and with activity in Kosovo, FYROM and Montenegro markets set as a primary goal to acquire useful customers’ insights and truly understand their purchasing habits as well as their needs; encouraging customer engagement and rewarding them for their continuous preference to the brand.
We had not previously utilized such a loyalty program, and we needed an experienced partner who would look after our loyalty strategy, the implementation of the program and the effective management, taking account of all the characteristics of the Albanian market.
Our desire was not to provide an additional loyalty card to the market, but to give every single consumer the privilege to enjoy unique benefits through an exciting shopping experience.
We believe that QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) utilizes the perfect mix of marketing and technology experts, to effectively contribute to our goals achievement.”




NEPTUN’s motto is to be close to its customers providing an exceptional quality of products and services. Focusing on the customer and offering a combination of solid values and variety of products and services, Neptun aims at optimizing customer experience. Therefore, Neptun launched a loyalty program in order to reward customer’s preference in its stores.


The challenge

The loyalty program of Neptun designed to substantially improve the shopping experience of its customers and meet their needs. The main challenge Neptun faced was to introduce a loyalty scheme that would build solid customer profiles, increase the number of visits, the retention rate and customer’s average budget spent. At the same time, the company wanted to create bonds of trust among consumer and itself, offer high perceived value to the members and present a program governed by simple processes, personalized communication that creates unique and special feeling to the members.
QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) solution

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ), with great experience in the retail industry, has created the loyalty strategy and the full implementation of Neptun’s loyalty program called “Happy” program. “Happy” program is an easy and flexible loyalty program, providing gift vouchers, based on the points collected by each member. The program’s implementation was based on the QIVOS CLOUD platform.  The QIVOS CLOUD platform constitutes an end-to-end solution for CRM / Loyalty requirements, designed to cover every aspect of the operation in each CRM loyalty program. The platform guarantees a quality data management, seamless operation and adaptability to complex needs, by developing the relationship between the consumer and the brand.


The methodology

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) was asked to implement a loyalty program, which would be a perfect fit to Neptun’s needs. In order to achieve maximum results, a detailed loyalty strategy was executed. The loyalty strategy of Neptun’s “Happy” program was built on a tailor-made methodology that consists of:

  • Setting qualitative and quantitative goals of the loyalty scheme.
  • Utilizing international best practices in the retail industry.
  • Defining and describing in detail the loyalty scheme processes.
  • Providing a close estimation of the marketing Return On Investment (ROI).


QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) undertook the full management of this project:

  • “Happy” program’s implementation based on the QIVOS CLOUD platform.
  • Utilizing Customer Operation services, “Happy” program has a daily, full support by efficiently trained operation experts, delivering great service performance for Neptun’s customers as well as Neptun’s internal teams.
  • With the Campaign management & Customer engagement (Micro-selling®) services, QIVOS delivers a full management service of all marketing actions performed; leveraging customer insights to unlock customers’ behavior and engagement to Neptun.






December 2015


25.000 members

in the first 5 months


30.000 transactions

in the first 5 months