Marks & Spencer

“Understanding customers’ needs is one of the main challenges companies are currently facing.
Today, through the QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) loyalty platform, we can organize our database, manage our customers and communicate with them through targeted marketing activities. Via SMS and email, we have the luxury of tailor-made communication with our customers. In other words, we can inform a specific group about a specific offer or product that would be of interest to them, based on the qualitative data we have collected.

QIVOS ’s proposal offered custom-made solutions for M&S’s needs, helping us approach our customers and develop our business in innovative ways. Their methodology eased our way in increasing and retaining our database and enhanced our customers’ satisfaction. Our collaboration resulted in a thorough customer evaluation; a series of valuable information that helped us improve our services and reduce our costs.

Through QIVOS, M&S has managed to respond to all the above challenges. Having great experience in this field, it has managed to gather all the crucial and necessary information in one place, whereas other companies have a scattered source of information in different departments of their company, resulting in not being able to use it to its full potential.”



M&S’ profile

Marks & Spencer is one of the leading retail brands in the UK. With an international presence in more than 50 markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, it has over 1,000 stores.

In Greece, Marks & Spencer opened their first store in 1990 and, today, it has 27 stores across the country (e.g., Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete, Patra, etc.).


What M&S needed

The challenges that the company faced were:

  • Customers did not receive targeted information regarding products and offers
  • A large amount of direct mail did not reach its intended recipients – waste of money
  • The SMS, email and direct mail delivery were not targeted based on customers’ behavior
  • The old loyalty scheme did not provide strong incentives to the customers to turn them into M&S loyalty members. This resulted in limiting customer’s engagement with the brand


What we offered

We offered customer loyalty management based on our QIVOS CLOUD platform. Our tailor-made multilingual platform is the right technology solution to cover every aspect of customer loyalty management.  QIVOS CLOUD integrated to current POS systems to assure a seamless customer experience. We linked all 27 POS (Point-of-sale) and offered customers the option of online registration for the M&S Bonus Card by creating and supporting the M&S Bonus Card micro-site.

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) has undertaken full management of this project, which includes:

  • Owned the loyalty strategy; thus, defined the loyalty program and described with clarity and detail its specifications, requirements, and processes;
  • Implemented the technical solution with our QIVOS CLOUD platform that guaranteed  from member registration and reward/redemption to customer engagement processes, error-free data handling, seamless operation, adaptability to complex demands and customizable actionable reporting tools for instant market feedback;
  • Used a dedicated multilingual operations team to expand customer operations ensuring data quality, service performance and sending numerous SMS and email marketing campaigns;
  • Delivered a full campaigned management service leveraging insights to unlock customers’ behavior and engagement to the brand;
  • Turned loyalty experience to mobile micro-moments creating personalized communication with every single member.