Galerie de beaute

“The main objective of Galerie de Beaute is to offer a unique personalized customer service and to cover customers’ every single need by making each of them feel special.  Following the above goals and taking into account the difficult times the country faces, the company decided that the customers who trust our brand for more than 15 years must get rewarded for their loyalty. As a result, a business need appeared to create a loyalty scheme that offers unique beauty privileges.”
Galerie de Beaute

Company’s profile

Galerie de Beauté is a Greek chain of cosmetic stores that operates since 1999, aiming to make the world more beautiful. With presence in the biggest shopping centers in Greece with 44 stores, the brand offers to its customers every product they need to make them feel beautiful. As a result, the company has created a unique relationship of trust with its customers and they constantly reward it by making it one of the leading companies in the cosmetics market.


Galerie de Beaute aims to offer personalized and unique customer service and to cover each of its customers’ needs.
Regarding this goal, Galerie de Beaute wanted to launch its customers a personalized reward system through a loyalty scheme that offers significant benefits and privileges for all the available brands. As a result, a connection with the entirety of the point of sales (POS) interface in all stores was required.

The challenge

Aiming to offer competitive and qualitative services, Galerie de Beaute always focuses on creating a unique relationship of trust with its customers. To achieve this goal the company must constantly know its customers’ needs, since they are daily changing due to political and economical factors, in order to fully meet their requirements and capabilities.



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